More Green Light of Death

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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After floating out the iMac Green Light of Death (“The Green Light of Death“) earlier last week, a good number of readers wrote in to confirm this nasty bug. The Green Light of Death phenomenon not only afflicts iMacs of every revision, but also a few unlucky Blue/White Power Macintosh G3 systems. And it is not always green but sometimes the power light changes to orange and does not wake up from sleep, now making a variant called the “Orange Light of Death.” Several readers believe that it is connected to the SETI@Home screensaver, Web Sharing, or any sort of background process. An Apple certified technician reader reports:

This problem is caused by a defective IC (integrated circuit?) on the analog board. I’ve repaired two imacs with this problem. I called Apple Tech. support about it. In both cases replacment of the analog board fixed the units.

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