More Infuriation from Quark as XPress Gets an Update

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Date: Monday, July 8th, 2002, 12:00
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As announced on Quark’s Web site, “QuarkXPress 5.01 is available for download at no charge to users of QuarkXPress 5.0 software.” The press release goes on to say that “QuarkXPress 5.01 consists primarily of performance enhancements that will ensure faster and more reliable operation of the software.”

But if you want the real story from the people in the trenches, you have to go to VersionTracker where people are making their feelings known about the frustrations of this update. One post by a user that goes by the name mdouma46 writes,

“All Right!! This is completely ridiculous!! Okay, the QuarkXPress application file *MUST* be named _exactly_ “QuarkXPress?”. And I sure hope you didn’t change the RAM allocations, because if you did, you’ll have to reinstall. That’s why you’re getting a “File not found” error. (Changing the RAM allocations alters the resource fork by adding a SIZE rsrc about 30-40 bytes in size.) 1 star for a ridiculously strict updater.”

Sounds like a good time to plug my article again.

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