MWNY02: Dock Your Life

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Date: Wednesday, July 17th, 2002, 15:27
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The BookEndz Docking Station has the perfect solution to convert your laptop computer to a desktop system in seconds.

Their product line includes a docking station for the PowerBook G4 and iBook. The docking station for the PowerBook G4 (US $245- silver or US $230- black) supports the new DVI port. The BookEndz comes in either silver or black, has an angled IRDA port that allows for easy side access to infrared transmission and most importantly eliminates cable confusion and damage to connectors.

Also, newly announced, the iBookEndz Docking Station (US$145- white or US$160- black) for the Apple iBook, which replicates all seven connectors on the iBook and, just like the PowerBook, allows mobiphiles to quickly become top-rated Desktop Mac addicts.

Some cool new iPod accessories from BookEndz:

  • iPodWrap (US$10), which includes complete wrap-around iPod protection from scratches, fingerprints and keeps any iPod looking brand new.

  • iPodCradle (US$30), supports the iPod in an upright position on the desktop. In addition it is compatible with most cases on the market so you can use the iPodCradle with or without a case.

  • iPodDock (US$45), allows for Audio and FireWire connection ports in a desktop holder so you can use it when enjoying your home stereo system or transferring music or data from your Mac to iPod.

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