MWNY02: Macworld Expo In A Nutshell

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Date: Thursday, July 18th, 2002, 13:15
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Macworld Expo always gives me this amazing euphoric feeling. Maybe it is from being around hundreds, thousands of people that love their computers, and lust for new technology. This year, I checked into the Javits center on Tuesday, and upon my entrance into the doors, I breathed a great sigh of relief. Finally, it was here!

The exhibit floor was packed yesterday at every single booth, by inquiring minds both young and old. It seemed that this year many young kids had come with parents. Or was it that, parents had come with their young kids? I packed my bags very poorly yesterday, and ending up lugging around way to much stuff around including Macworld Expo giveaways (who can resist those delicious Apple posters or the free Microsoft Silly Putty (which by the way, got stuck to everything in existence including my down comforter and every sheet on my bed. Yes, I was so exhausted I fell asleep with the silly putty in my hand and woke up at 6 a.m. today to a disastrous mess. See? Microsoft isn’t so great after all! In addition to my Macworld goodies I also had my iBook for documenting the Expo and of course the PowerPage Class Photo.

With all the excitement on the show floor, things get a bit confusing and I need to normally sit down and piece all of the days events together (the commute going home via the LIRR is a perfect way to handle this situation). Needless to say, on the train ride going home it struck me that Adobe and Macromedia was not at the expo this year. Yes, I know this has been documented. In fact I did an article on their pullout from the Macworld events when the news was first broadcasted. What really shocked me this time around is how much I didn’t miss them this year. Sure, it would have been great to see Adobe giving presentations of Photoshop and the newly released Photoshop Elements 2, among their other products, in addition to Macromedia showing off their X line, but needless to say they didn’t.

It seems that many people blow these expos out of proportion. Sure, its nice to see your favorite companies and vendors here, but in reality it doesn’t change anything. We will still buy from the same places, and support the same companies. Nobody is going to stop using Adobe Photoshop if they only have a booth at San Francisco and not New York. It’s still Macworld whether you are there or not, Apple releases “ground breaking” technology, or Steve presents the keynote in khaki pants. It’s just a conference. Remember that.

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