MWNY02: New York's Best Dumplings and Beer

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Date: Wednesday, July 17th, 2002, 01:22
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New York — Looking for a quick and inexpensive place to dine without getting pillaged by the tourist traps? Then check out Mandoo Bar (2 West 32nd Street, between Broadway and Fifth Avenue, 212-279-3075). The tiny Korea town restaurant will impress you with its simplicity (think tangerine cubed lighting) and wow you with its dumplings – made fresh daily on the premises. Start with an OB beer and order plenty from the Mandoo (dumpling) section – at least one dish per person. We had the Baby, Tong and Goon Mandoo (all excellent) dumplings, Tom Yam Koong soup (spicy and good), Pad Thai (skip it) and beef fried rice and escaped for around US$50 plus tip. Not bad for a party of four in the Big Apple.

For a follow-up, grab a beer at The Ginger Man (11 East 36th Street, 212-532-3740) which I can best describe as a beer drinker’s pub. With what must be 100 beers on tap and a great atmosphere, this is a place where you can go for a nice draft and have a great conversation with someone. Recommend: Shipyard Fuggles IPA (reminds me of the Yards IPS) and the Magic Hat #9 (sweet and delicious). Keep the Anchor Foghorn until after the keynote address though, ok?

If you’re looking for a quick desert, have a black & white shake at the Tick Tock Diner (34th Street & 8th Avenue). They’re more known for omelettes and pancakes, but this is especially good here. US$3 and they’re open 24 hours.

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