MWNY02: RadTech Can Adjust Your TiBook Hinges

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Date: Wednesday, July 17th, 2002, 07:38
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New York — RadTech’s John Grzeskowiak be there demoing product and assisting purchasers with the tight hinge issue. All products are available at the DevDepot official MW store. They have completely new ScreensavRz which are absolute beauties. They are made from the finest microfiber available (over 1 million fibers per square inch) and precision laser cut. No more wavy edges, the new models sport straight lines with nice 1/8″ radiused corners. Go visit them for some random giveaways weigh in with your reaction to some new color choices and hopefully demo their prototype USB audio peripheral too. Radiologic Technologies, Booth 2023 in the Technology Pavilion.

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