MWSF 03: Rumor Roundup – Say it Ain't So!

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Date: Saturday, January 4th, 2003, 08:21
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It’s a good thing publications like Wired are treating us to happy fantasies like a video iPod, because analysts are coming up with some scary scenarios for this Macworld. CNet quotes “sources familiar with the plans” who say Apple will charge $50 for a bundled version of iPhoto, iDVD, and iMovie featuring updates to those three apps. (If the bundle story is true, this would be an especially nonsensical move: many more people have digital cameras than DV video cameras, meaning an unbundled iPhoto would be more logical.) If Apple starts charging for iDVD, by the way, it would especially infuriating if it continued to cripple this software’s ability to work with external DVD burners. It gets scarier: sources say eventually Apple might charge for all six of its iApps. Hold your flamethrowers, folks, at least this hasn’t happened – yet.

What? You’re still in a good mood? Don’t worry, Wired can help: a Wired story predicts this is likely the last Macworld Expo. Well, okay, after the colossal rumble between IDG and Apple that’s not exactly news, and on the bright side Apple might go to a “regional gathering” system. But all this plus the fact that, despite wild scenarios like a web pad, not a single news oulet is predicting faster pro machines is making life pretty sad. I’ve never seen a keynote where rumors actually predict this much gloom and doom. Stay tuned for a dose of the reality distortion field to, ahem, hopefully make us all better.

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