MWSF03: DVForge Stainless Steel Stand For PB G4

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Date: Monday, January 6th, 2003, 09:00
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Today, DVForge announced the January 10th release of its riser stand created specifically for Apple’s PowerBook G4 notebook computer. The DVBaseTi (photo) will begin shipping on January 20th, is available for pre-order now from the DVForge web site, and will be available from our Authorized Resellers starting on January 20th.

The DVBaseTi is crafted from solid investment cast stainless steel, is hand-polished to a mirror finish, and is then laser engraved with the DVForge mark. In addition to providing optimum ergonomics for using the PowerBook at a desk or table, the DVBaseTi provides the perfect blend of elegant appearance and rugged construction to complement the PowerBook’s trend-setting design.

The Compnay will be displaying the US$180 DVBaseTi at booth #3961 (Digital Media Pavilion) at tomorrow’s Macworld Expo.

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