MWSF06: Presentation Key Notes (Updated)

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Date: Tuesday, January 10th, 2006, 14:39
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Shaun Redmond contributes his live keynote coverage from the just-ended presentation by Steve Jobs here at Macworld Expo 2006. Note: these are stream-of-consciousness
Macworld SF Keynote
Ton of Media Personnel 1000+ (500+ Online Media)
Usual Packed house
Cell phone Warning at 9:00 am PST
Al Gore is in the front row, Mayor of SF walks over to chat with him
Lights dim at 9:07, Steve enters in usual black and indigo outfit
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Shaun Redmond contributes his live keynote coverage from the just-ended presentation by Steve Jobs here at Macworld Expo 2006. Note: these are stream-of-consciousness.
Macworld SF Keynote
Ton of Media Personnel 1000+ (500+ Online Media)
Usual packed house
Cell phone Warning at 9:00 am PST
Al Gore is in the front row, Mayor of SF walks over to chat with him
Lights dim at 9:07, Steve enters in usual black and indigo outfit
Retail update
135 retail stores
Last quarter 26 million visitors to stores
First billion dollar quarter for stores
Total revenues $5.7B last quarter total revenues
A record! (first time ever released to public)
Music Update
Last year 4.5 M iPods last holiday quarter
THis year 14 Million iPods during the holiday quarter (100 every minute
42 Million total iPods (32 mill in CY 05)
iTunes Update
Sold 850 Million songs downloaded
Selling 3 million per day (>1B songs per year run rate)
83 percent market share on downloads
TV shows – 8 Million downloaded since launch 90 days ago
– Sports – Put up Bowl games in conjunction with ABC and ESPN
– Rose Bowl – #1 download
– Saturday Night Live added to list including entire back-catalog (Shows
Samurai Delicatessen, Coneheads and Blues Brothers)
Remote and FM tuner for iPod accessory released $49 (nano, 5G compatibility)
Radio menu item appears on iPod when plugged in
Chrysler announced iPod integration in all new cars
09:18 a.m. PST
New iPod commercial with Wynton Marsalis (Shown- Very Classy)
Enough about iPod-Rest of Keynote – Mac Only
Aperture = FCP for Photographers
Video Shown-Pro Photographer Heinz Kluetmeier, Jeff Kavanaugh
(Sports Illustrated) extol the virtues of Aperture especially speed of working
with raw files
Now 1500 available including the following new ones
Mini Address Book
Ski conditions
White Pages
ESPN Sports widgets (BB, Baseball, Football)
Part of 10.4.4 Update released today (Hmmm…)
09:25 a.m. PST
(Hmmm he is blowing through things like software he usually dwells on)
iLife ’06 Released (“Giant Release”)
iPhoto ’06 – Increased speed, limit increased to 250,00 photos (10x previous
version), “Scrolls like Butter”
– Full Screen Editing, Interface looks like black aperture type user
– 9 one-click effects (Sepia, antique, vignette, edge blur….) through
effects panel
– All new cards calendars and books increased printing quality,
– Photocasting “podcasting for photos” owner can Photocast an album
(possible password protection available) lets users to subscribe and then
any updates are automatically updated. requires .mac account for
publisher, but anyone can subscribe since it is based on RSS
09:33 a.m. PST
Steve demos some of the features of iPhoto ’06
Photocast allows you to choose size, Update options, password,
announcement info. Steve uses example of grandparent. Link in recipient
receives clickable link that launches iPhoto, or RSS feed app. UI in
Iphoto for subscriber is very similar to podcasts in iTunes
iMovie ’06
HD added in ’05
New Features in ’06:
– Real time effects & titles
– New audio tools
– Podcast and iPod export buttons
– Multiple projects open at the same time
– New Animated themes ( Road Trip , Epic Surf, Travel…)
Jumps right in to using iPhoto including example of travel movie theme
staring “the Ockenfels”
iDVD ’06
– Wide Screen DVD’s
– Magic iDVD (Access to other iLife libraries)
– New themes
– Third-party burner support (but not Blue-Ray or HD-DVD announcement)
GarageBand ’06
– Integrated PodCast studio
– PodCast artwork track
– 200 royalty free sound effects
– 100 royalty free jingles
– Auto “ducking” of the background sound when you are voicing over
– Speech enhancer
– Use iChat for remote interviews
Steve creates “Steve’s Super Secret Apple Rumors” on stage in GB. Records
voice track announcing new 8 lb iPod with 10 inch screen, adds artwork for
different sections of the PodCast. Adds background music. It showcases the
ducking feature. (LOTS OF APPLAUSE)
New World Music Jam pack
09:53 a.m. PST
Allows us to be creative. We want to share these things with others
New addition of sixth app to iLife ’06 Suite:
– Apple designed templates (About Me…)
– iLife Media browser
– Upload instantly to .mac
– Create journals, blogs
– One button publish
– Java slideshow photo viewer for users
Steve goes about creating a Web site in a 90 seconds. Including drag and
drop playlist that points to iTMS. Instant Photocast links. Shows podcast
movement form GB to iWeb. Hit publish button and up it goes to .Mac
Price $79 – available today
$99 Family Pack for up to five Macs
Free on all new macs
Over 1 Million subscribers (muted applause)
iWork ’06
New Features
-3D charts
– Advanced image editing
– Image reflections
-Tables with calculations
Can’t go in to it more
$79 today, $99 Family 30 day free trial
10:08 a.m. PST
Now … Computers
In Q4 1.2M Macs shipped
June announcement Macs with intel processors by June
Man in white clean room (bunny) suit appears with a 12″ silicon die to report
that Intel is ready. He takes off the helmet to reveal that it is Paul S. Otellini, president and chief executive officer of Intel.
Steve reports Apple is ready!
They congratulate each other
Today we’ll announce the first Mac with an Intel processor
– iMac
Walt Mossberg calls it “The gold standard of desktop PCs”
Same sizes 17″ and 20″
Same design
Same Features
Same Price
Difference – 2 to 3X faster than iMac G5
Intel Core Duo Chip with 2MB Cache
Grid comparing the two
Specmarks 10.2 on G5 and 32.6 on Core Duo
Spec FP 13. versus 27.1
Every iMac now has dual core processors
10.4.4 entirely native
Everything Apple is doing is “Universal Binary” (PowerPC/Intel)
Steve announced that the whole preso was running on Intel-powered hardware.
Pro Apps in March “Crossgrade for $49”
List of developers with shipping Intel versions
“Universal” beta
Shipping technology called “Rosetta” that runs non intel-native apps on
Intel hardware
Microsoft MacBU head Roz Ho comes out to give update on Universal Binary versions of MS Office for Mac and MSN Messenger
– Sync services with Entourage
– SmartCard and Spotlight in entourage
Available in March
50% off of office when purchased with a new Mac
Official agreement for shipping new versions of Office for minimum of five years
2005 best year for Mac BU sales
“in it for the long term”
It still seems kind of early, there has to be more announcements.
This is looking good for more goodies.
10:23 a.m. PST
Intel iMac demo
Steve opens Photoshop in Rosetta
Runs script to do a King Kong poster.
17″ 1.83GHz
20″ 2.0GHz
ATI Radeon x1600
Shipping today
Entire product line transitioning over by the end of CY 2006
Play Ad:
Intel Bunnies. Trapped inside a PC for too many years doing dull little tasks. But it could do so much more. Today the intel chip is “Set Free” to run inside a Mac
Thundering applause!!!!
10:28 a.m. PST
One More thing…
PowerBook G5
Trying to cram in G5 into a PowerBook
Switch to intel. Better performance per watt
G4 performance per watt 0.27 PPW
G5 .023 PPW
Core Duo 1.05 PPW
4x better than PPC
New notebook:
Mac Book Pro!
Done with Power and we need “Mac” in the name
Dual Core Intel chip in it
4 to 5 times faster than PBG4
Spec int 6.7 vs 30.3
Spec FP4.9 to 25.6
The fastest Apple notebook ever
Thinnest ever – less than 1″
15.4″ widescreen as bright as cinema display
Integrated iSight
Demo of Video Conferencing on VC’s with Phil Schiller walking in the
Small IR sensor and Apple Remote, FrontRow support
MagSafe for power attachment. No more flying MacBook’s
Left side of book has audio in/out, USB and MagSafe Power
Backlit Keyboard, Sudden motion sensor
Only has a FireWire 400 port (they dropped FW800!)
1.67GHz $1999
1.83GHz $2499
February shipping, Order today
Finishes at 10:41 a.m. PST , A record short Stevenote
Show floor is closed and security goons are holding everyone back till
11:15. Weird as it may have to do with Al Gore being present?

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2 Responses to “MWSF06: Presentation Key Notes (Updated)”

  1. Good news: FireWire. Bad news: FireWire 400 only.
    Also: There was NO MENTION of battery life. To me, that suggests a best case of “the same as the PowerBook,” and a worst case of “significantly worse than the PowerBook.”
    PC Card is now an ExpressCard: What’s available as an ExpressCard?

  2. overall this is great news as i have had my G4 Powerbook for around 2 years now and would like to upgrade.
    Really like the MagSafe Power Lead as I am always worried about standing on the thing and seeing my Mac crash to the ground. Brilliant idea!
    Not sure about the new name though. Think I prefer Powerbook. Are you going to change your name aswell? How about