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Date: Tuesday, January 9th, 2007, 14:01
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SAN FRANCISCO — Lights dim, completely full room.
It was the running of the bulls to get up here on the escalators.
Steve steps up to James Brown’s “I Feel Good” – black turtle and jeans as always.
“We’re going to make some history together today.”
“Heart transplant to Intel microprocessors.”
Transitioned its product line to Intel processors in seven months as opposed to the expected 12.
Smooth transition due to OS X and Rosetta apps.
Help from Intel colleagues.
Third party devs moved to Universal Binary versions. Thanks them…
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SAN FRANCISCO — Lights dim, completely full room.
It was the running of the bulls to get up here on the escalators.
Steve steps up to James Brown’s “I Feel Good” – black turtle and jeans as always.
“We’re going to make some history together today.”
“Heart transplant to Intel microprocessors.”
Transitioned its product line to Intel processors in seven months as opposed to the expected 12.
Smooth transition due to OS X and Rosetta apps.
Help from Intel colleagues.
Third party devs moved to Universal Binary versions. Thanks them…
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“We’ve had an extremely successful year and I want to thank our users very much.”
>50% switchers in U.S. channels.
Quotes Jim Allchin of Microsoft – “I would buy a Mac today if I were not working for Microsoft.”
Vista ad: Spotlights. PC is dressed in a hospital gown – “major surgery”. “Listen, Mac, If I don’t come back, I want you to have my peripherals.”
Music Business:
Mentions the iPod, Nanos, the iPod Shuffle.
The iPod has become the world’s most popular video player.
Shuffle: “The world’s most wearable MP3 player.”
More than two billion songs purchased on iTunes.
1.2 billion songs sold throughout 2006. Song base doubled in 2006.
Over 5 million songs sold per day, 58 songs a second.
Apple is currently the 4th largest music reseller (just passed Amazon), going after Target with Wal-Mart at the top.
350 tv shows on iTunes. – 50 million tv shows sold.
Partnership with Disney, 1.3 million Disney movies sold on iTunes.
Paramount is now going to sell movies on iTunes.
250 movies are now being offered for sale on iTunes.
62% market share for Apple, 2% for Zune and 36% for other in the music business.
New ad:
Multicolored iPod silhouettes. Decent reaction, not terrific.
More colorful version shown with alternating backgrounds in addition to the multicolored silhouettes. Better reaction.
Apple TV:
(Apple is is the Apple logo)
Apple TV can be hooked to a widescreen and can wirelessly connect to your Mac.
Power, USB 2.0, Ethernet, HDMI and Wi-FI ports on the back.
720p HD video
40 GB hard drive inside – can store up to 40 hours of video.
802.11 (b, g and n)
Intel CPU
Works with video, music and photos
Designed for widescreen tvs
40 GB drive
Auto-sync from one computer (iTunes can wirelessly sync to the Apple TV hard drive – shows are wirelessly fired over to the hard drive as they’re purchased.)
Up to 5 computers (both Macs and PCs can use iTunes to wirelessly stream shows to the Apple TV).
Trailers can stream live from Apple.
“The Good Shepard” trailer is streamed in – looks great.
Plays segments from “Zoolander”.
Shows segment from “Heroes” – great quality, awesome audience reaction.
Streams in a shuffle playlist, including John Mayer’s “Daughters” and Green Day’s “Holiday.
Photos can be moved or streamed over to Apple TV. Full album with the Ken Burns zoom in and out effects with music playing.
Phil Schiller comes on stage with a laptop. Phil types in a PIN to connect iTunes from Phil’s MacBook to share data to the Apple TV. Segment from “30 Rock” shown.
Outstanding reaction.
The Apple TV will be priced at $299 and will be shipped in February with orders being taken starting today.
“This is a day I’ve been looking forward to for two and a half years. Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything and one’s very fortunate if you get to work on one of these in your career…”
Timelines through 1984 and the Apple Macintosh, 2001 and the first iPod and mentions three revolutionary products.
Widescreen iPod with touch controls (crowd goes nuts, strained applause).
Revolutionary mobile phone (room goes ballistic)
Breakthrough Internet communication (no one knows what this is)
Consolidated product.
iPhone name released.
Steve pulls it out of his pocket and puts it back in.
Mentions how Smartphones are a phony with a “baby” version of the Internet, but aren’t easy to use.
Revolutionary user interface: Explains how the keyboards are there whether you need them or not and that the buttons are already in place. The buttons and controls can’t change for each application.
“What we’re going to do is get rid of all these buttons and just make a giant screen.”
No one wants a stylus.
Touch-screen user interface called Multi-Touch – boasts greater accuracy, ignores unintended touches and supports multi-fingered touches. Apple has the patent.
Software: Claims to be 5 years ahead of what’s on any other phone.
iPhone ships with OS X!!!
Desktop class apps and networking – nothing crippled.
“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” – Alan Kay quote.
Syncs with iTunes.
100 millionth iPod will ship this year.
All iTunes media and data such as contacts, calendars and photos will be synced to the iPhone.
Black iPhone, interesting and a bit dark for Apple.
3.5″ screen with the highest resolution screen ever shipped by apple. 160 pixels per square inch.
Thinner than any smart phone out there at 11.6 mm.
Switch for ring and silent on the side.
2 megapixel camera built in.
One button on the front: a home button.
Headset jack, SIM card slot and sleep/wake switch.
Speaker, microphone and 30 pin iPod connector.
Proximity sensor which senses when objects get close – no false inputs.
Ambient light sensor built in which adjusts.
Accelerometer built in to tell when to switch from portrait to landscape.
iPod Elements:
Takes finger and flicks-scrolls like he’s flipping a Rolodex – incredible performance, great crowd reaction.
Cover Show shows the album covers as the media begins playing.
Landscape mode allows the images to turn sideways – he just turns it sideways and it picks up on the position.
Videos are shown by name, title and cover. Terrific playback. Plays clips from “The Office” and the second “Pirates of the Carribean” movie.
Telephone Elements:
iPhone can be synched with a PC or Mac to bring down all numbers and information.
Visual Voicemail – you can go to the voice mails you want to hear.
Quad-band GSM + EDGE phone
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0
Just scroll through the address list (to call you push the phone number).
Steve gets a call from Phil Schiller, puts Jon Ive on hold and conferences the call. (crowd loves it)
Favorites, recent, Contacts, Keypad and Voicemail are the main menu buttons.
Visual Voicemail allows you to see who recent voice mails are from.
Goes through a voice mail from “Time Cook” – Revenue results were…I’ll just wait and tell you later.”
SMS texting shows recent text messages from a person – like an ongoing IM conversation.
Uses the onscreen keypad with error-correction to quickly send the message.
Just scroll through the album and to select one, just swipe it. Turning the phone displays the photo in landscape mode.
User can make a “pinch” gesture on the screen to shrink or expand a photo. Crowd loves it.
“Widen” gesture on the screen serves to expand the picture.
Internet Elements:
Rich HTML email – works with any IMAP or POP3 service.
Safari web browser on the phone.
Google Maps on the phone.
Wi-Fi and EDGE networking (finds local wifi points)
Yahoo! Mail has over 250 million service. All iPhone customers will have free “push” IMAP e-mail.
Shows inline photos and rich text on the e-mails, looks great.
Can click a phone number like a hyperlink and it makes the call!
E-mails can be seen in a split view.
Address completion kicks in when you’re typing in a message.
Web pages load completely and can be viewed in a landscape mode.
Double-tap on an area to zoom in and read it. Double-tap also zooms out.
Supports multiple web pages that can be viewed and switched to.
Demo phone is tapped into a Cingular network.
Pulls up the stock widget to show Apple up 2.84%.
Pulls up the weather widget, goes city by city for weather data.
Goes to Google Maps on the iPhone, searches for Starbucks, which reveals about a dozen local locations.
Calls the Starbucks and orders 4,000 lattes to go.
Google Maps can be switched over to satellite imagery of a location – the best of Google Earth on the phone.
Google search built into the browser.
Brings up Dr. Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO.
Schmidt comes to the stage, blue shirt and orange tie.
Explains how this “merges without merging”. Goes through combined efforts and data. “Steve, my congratulations to you and this product is going to be hot.”
Steve brings up Yerry Yan, Co-Founder and Chief Yahoo!
Explains how Yahoo’s services will come to the iPhone, seamless experience with your PC and the mobile Internet.
Begins playing a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, gets a call from Phil Schiller, which shows his personal icon. Can put the call on hold, switch over to the photo element and send the photo as an e-mail attachment. Pushes a button, ends the call and receives enormous applause.
Goes back to the original 4 smartphones mentioned and compares iPhone’s contacts, mail, web sites and music players to them.
Stereo headphones with a mic in an attached switch.
Bluetooth accessory headset that’ll be shipping. Goes to sleep and auto-pairs with the iPhone.
Battery life of 5 hours and 16 hours of audio playback.
Over 200 patents for the components within iPhone.
“Your life in your pocket.”
$499 for the 4 GB model
$599 for the 8 GB model
Available in June.
Apple needs FCC approval, etc.
Will go to Europe in Q4 and Asia in 2008.
WIll exclusively partner with Cingular in the U.S..
Will retail through the Apple Store and Cingular storeis.
Introduces Stan Sigman, CEO of Cingular.
Cingular went into contract with Apple in 2005, sight unseen.
Sigman brings out his notes, mentions that AT&T has partnered with Cingular. Cingular is partnering its network with AT&T, which provides the broadband network.
Apple and Cingular have a multi-year exclusive contract for service.
BellSouth and AT&T formed Cingular six years ago.
Clicker is not working.
“The clicker is not working. All right, they’re scrambling backstage right now.”
26 milliion game consoles in 2005, 94 million digital cameras, 135 million MP3 players and 209 million PCs with 975 million cell phones selling.
Aiming for a 1% market share of 10 million units in 2008.
Changing Apple Computer, Inc. to Apple Inc.
People’s hearts break a little, but they’re still excited. and applaud.
“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it’s been.” – Wayne Gretzky
Standing ovation.

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