My Specs for the UltraPod

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Date: Friday, August 9th, 2002, 11:41
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Are we getting close to the advent of the ultraPod digital lifestyle device? For me, the ultra-Pod would have at least a 40GB HD to store music, photos, video and email. It would have a high quality color screen for playing back QuickTime movies, VR?s and photo slide shows. It would iSync with iCal, iTunes, iPhoto and iMovie as well as the Address Book and Mail.

The ultra-Pod would be the size of the current iPod with touchscreen functionality. The entire front face would be a color screen. In music mode, the jog dial and buttons would appear on the screen and could be controlled by touch. For video, move to landscape mode with a small controller on the screen that disappears after a few seconds. For photos slide shows it could switch back and forth between landscape and portrait to maximize the image size.

The Pod would use Bluetooth to connect to your mobile phone, and share the address book as well download new email. Eventually it could connect to your TV to display video and play music through your stereo. Add a clock display, calculator, eBook or .pdf reader and maybe iNote notepad synchronization and this pod would allow you to carry even more of your digital life with you.

Make it an input device and you have the ultra-PDA complete with Inkwell.

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