New Apple Music Service?

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Date: Friday, February 28th, 2003, 08:30
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MacRumors reports that Apple will be introducing a new Music Service that allows users to download songs to their iPod for $0.99/song. Sounds interesting… and they’ve been right in the past.

Ed: A Mac-compatible download service is vitally needed. Whatever MacRumors says, I think the odds of Apple jumping licensing hurdles on its own just to provide a proprietary music source for iPod owners are pretty low. What Apple should be doing is working with Roxio to make sure that company’s relaunched Napster service is Mac and iPod-friendly. This rumor could be based on an Apple initiative to do just that. Let’s hope record labels don’t talk Roxio into creating yet another copy-protected service that leaves Macs and iPods out in the cold. -PK

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