News From Today's Steve Jobs Interview in Carlsbad

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Date: Wednesday, May 28th, 2003, 22:28
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Jobs interviewed at Wall Street Journal’s “D” conference squashes rumors of iPhone and Apple PDA. Read more…

No PDA in Apple’s future — their research is that people primarily want a small device which has copies of data already on their computer, make occassional small changes. He thinks iPod serves many of those people, and the new generations of cell phones will suit most of the rest. Apple is working with the phone manufacturers to be sure the data syncs.
No Apple brand cell phone. He thinks existing phone makers are too good, Apple can’t add enough value.
Not much of a market for watching movies or showing photos on iPods or other small devices. Screen too small until someone invents a great folding screen. However he does see potential to use small device to drive a TV as the presentation vehicle.
Major push with iTunes and music. 3 million purchased so far, half the tracks sold as albums. More being loaded all the time onto the servers.

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