No More Excitement During Transition from Apple?

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Date: Thursday, June 9th, 2005, 18:26
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Will there be a slow-down in innovation from Apple after the Intel announcement?

After reading the announcement from Steve about the Intel switch and the numerous articles floating around the place, one thing still strikes and worries me.
Now a two-year transition seems like a long time to wait. I know Steve has told us that there are still some great products in th pipeline for the PPC platform, but it worries me that these will not be great products or great innovations, just space fillers waiting for the Intel switch and the real new products. I’m just slightly worried that the excitement in waiting for new Apple hardware will be reduced while we wait until the Intel machines arrive. I’m guessing we won’t see 3GHz+ PowerMacs or G5 Powerbooks until the Intel machines arrive.
As I’m sure a lot of you do, I love to watch and listen about new hardware announcements from Apple and the excitement it brings. Will these last few PPC announcements have the same “zing-zang?”
I personally cannot wait until the new Intel machines arrive (being as none of us can do nothing about it now!), think about it, the possibilities are endless. Apple will have true power and options at its disposal. I believe we shall see unbelievable quadruple core G5+ (G5 in name at least) with possibly smaller cases for Powermacs. The portable lines will explode, better battery life and heat issues as well as smashing even the 12″ Powerbook past the 2GHz mark (maybe adding G5??!! It just sounds so much cooler than P4!)
However until then I think we are in for a long wait. I sure hope they come out with some great new things for the iPod and some great software while we wait for the new hardware, as I’m sure a lot of you will agree hardware uptake/excitement will now be slower.
But to finish on the topic of whether I would buy a Mac from now until the new Intel machines come out? Hell ya! I’ve recently brought myself a top of the range PowerBook 12″ and I love it. I am not peeved about the switch so soon after I brought my little gem and I would buy another one. Thinking about a mac mini or an iMac G5. I’d love to get the hardware while its still PPC!

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