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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Sources close to the project revealed that there won’t be much of a retail price difference between the low-end and mainstream iMacs. Apple is considering offering free Internet access or a US$400 rebate plan for consumers who sign up in advance for three years of Internet service.

The low-end blueberry 350MHz iMac have an 8GB hard disk, but will not have external FireWire and DVD support. They will retail for US$949 at retail chains such as Best Buy and CompUSA. This addresses the main issues that Best Buy originally had with the flavored iMacs.

The 400MHz multicolor G3 “mainstream” iMacs will have a 10GB hard disk and will retail for around US$1099. This unit will be positioned as the education model and will be available at Best Buy and CompUSA. It’s unconfirmed whether it will have an external FireWire support.

The high-end model with 450MHz G3 and DVD will have 128MB of RAM, a 12 to 13GB hard disk and NTSC video out. It will also have DVD, FireWire, and video editing software. There is a remote chance that this high-end model might eventually ship with a 400MHz G4 chip, positioning it as a low-end video editing solution. It will retail for around US$1499.

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