Norton Disk Doctor Tip: Run from Separate Boot Disk

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Date: Thursday, March 13th, 2003, 05:16
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I have experienced major error alerts (in the Volume Header Block) while using Disk Doctor (NDD) directly from OSX. This level of error necessitates a fix while booting from the Norton’s Disk. After booting from the disk, in OS 9, the Disk Doctor would not identify or find the problem at all. Very concerned that NDD was not able to find and fix OSX problems from the Disk in OS 9, I wrote Symantec and received the following response:

”Please be aware that at this time there is no Apple sanctioned way of creating a MacOS X bootable CD. When Apple provides this information to us, we will be able to put out a bootable CD. However, the version that boots into Mac OS 9 will completely and accurately examine your hard drive, regardless of which OS is installed on the computer. If you run the Disk Doctor from the drive you are trying to examine, that will often cause false positives. If you boot from a separate volume, such as the CD, and it does detect any errors, then there is nothing to worry about.”

Hope this helps others who may have experienced the same problem. Ed: I’ve seen the same phenomenon. Norton’s booting from OS 9, though, is a really excellent disk utility. No we just need an OS X boot disk to support newer machines. -PK

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