Omnisky to Support Kyocera and Visor Edge

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Dear Jason,

I thought you would be interested in a quick summary of recent news from OmniSky regarding the ability of the OmniSky service to run on two new popular devices — the Kyocera Smartphone and the Handspring Visor Edge — as well as an announcement we made regarding support for corporate e-mail.

At CTIA this week, we are demonstrating our wireless e-mail and Internet service running on the popular new Kyocera Smartphone. We also announced immediate wireless service support and modem availability for the highly anticipated Handspring Visor Edge. In addition, I also want to draw your attention to last week’s introduction of a new software enhancement to the OmniSky service that makes it easy for mobile professionals to wirelessly access their corporate Microsoft Outlook e-mail while on the go.

1. OmniSky is demonstrating its service running on the new Kyocera QCP 6035 Smartphone running on the CDMA network today at the CTIA show (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association). The demonstration illustrates OmniSky’s strategy to extend its wireless service to popular new devices and next-generation networks.

For complete information, please see the press release titled “OmniSky Demonstrates Its Wireless E-mail and Internet Service on Kyocera Smartphone at CTIA Wireless 2001 Show

2. Users of Handspring’s much-anticipated Visor Edge handheld computer can immediately add the OmniSky service to their device. OmniSky announced immediate wireless service support and modem availability.

For complete information, please see the press release titled “OmniSky Announces Wireless Service and Modem for New Handspring Visor Edge Handheld Computer

3. OmniSky continues to enhance its service for corporate users. We’ve announced the availability of Os CorporateLink software, which lets OmniSky subscribers remotely — and securely — access their corporate e-mail from behind their corporate firewall. Os CorporateLink is available now and can be downloaded for free from the OmniSky Web site. This announcement is indicative of the kinds of enhancements OmniSky is continuing to make to help mobile professionals access and use their corporate e-mail as if those communications were being conducted right from their office desktop.

For complete information, please see the press release titled, “OmniSky Announces Availability of Corporate E-mail Solution for Award-Winning Wireless E-mail and Internet Service

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