OS X drivers for Sierra Wireless AirCards

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Date: Friday, June 13th, 2003, 15:43
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A Sierra Wireless sales rep provides update on AirCard compatibility. (read more)

In searching for a local wireless connectivity solution for my PowerBook G4, I contacted Sierra Wireless, the maker of the AirCard 555, which is sold by a local carrier here in Vancouver, BC (Telus Mobility, which is partly owned by Verizon).
Here’s the prompt reply I received, the tone of which is a bit different from previous messages I’ve seen posted in the past:
“We have realized internal lab tests and verified both our AirCard750 and the AirCard555 work on the Macintosh notebook provided Macintosh introduces a couple of small changes to their OS. We will be able to provide a solution to Macintosh users as soon as Apple proceeds with these changes.”
For the record, the AirCard 555 is designed for CDMA/1xRTT, and the 750 for GSM/GPRS. Exactly what the “small changes” required are is anyone’s guess.
In my reply to the sales rep, I pointed out that many users are having succes with a competing product, the Novatel Merlin C201 (which, unfortunately, isn’t available for use with any carriers aside from Sprint, as far as I know).
Is the ball truly in Apple’s court, or is Sierra Wireless simply buying time and/or passing the buck?

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