OT Control Strip Modules

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Mustafa Ussakli writes to us about some of his favorite OT Control Strip Modules (CSMs).

My two long time favorites will no longer work since I installed 9.1 last night. OT/PPP strip is the strip: connection lights, connection speed, etc., and it’s free and good. The other one, ot-ppp, has also some nifty features accessible by pressing CTRL or OPTION keys while depressing the module.

Please also check out Tim Kelly’s web site. He programmed some excellent strips for OT and connectivity, for people on the move (for changing modem setups, etc.)

Please notify me if you happen to find better ones. These are by far the best ones I had found, too bad I cannot use them anymore since they are incompatible with Mac OS 9.1.

The only solution in terms of modem lights has been installing Global Fax Software, it places a connection bar into the menu bar in Mac OS. As the modem card in PB WS II is GV/Apple it installed without problems.

Now I can see whether the connection is flowing by looking at the menu bar. I also started using Remote Access Status program which comes pre-installed in the Apple Menu. I would definitely prefer OT/PPP strip over any kind of solution.

Looking forward to reading you commentary.

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