PB Touchscreen Works With Inkwell

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Date: Monday, January 27th, 2003, 09:00
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I was speaking with someone who attended Macworld Expo SF 2003 and they told me that they saw a vendor that offered a touchscreen addition for PowerBooks that works with Inkwell. But, they couldn’t remember the name of the vendor. I have searched for this vendor but can’t seem to find them – or any other that offers this type of product.

With the addition of such a touch screen to a 12-Inch PB, you would be getting closer to the Apple handheld that everyone wants to see. I was hoping that one of your readers might have seen this vendor at the Expo and would be able to give us there name. If the price is right, I will be adding such a touchscreen to my 12″ PB an using the HWR that I miss so much from my Newton.

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