Phone Phreakz: USB Cell Phone Cables Found

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Date: Tuesday, September 10th, 2002, 00:00
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Found a place that has USB cables (and phone>pda) cables for most phones. What this means is that we no longer need those klutzy and expensive Keyspan adapters to use our cell phones as modems! The catch is that they only provide drivers for OS 9 and show little interest in supporting 10.2. The OS 9 driver is 24k and doesn’t look too complicated so whatever it does should be reproduceable in OS X very easily. I’ve tried some basic modifications to the IOUSBCDC driver but nothing worked. Someone with USB driver knowlege should have a crack at this.

The site with the cables is: I just got a USB cable for my StarTac from them and it’s very well made. There is some relevant information on using the old method with Keyspan adapters and some instructions on modifying the IOUSBCDC driver to recognize Motorola phones though supposedly 10.2 already does it . . . Not with this cable.

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