Pictures Leaked of 3 New Palm PDAs

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Date: Sunday, September 22nd, 2002, 12:00
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Slashdot is reporting on three new Palms due to come out on Monday, 23 September:

ahecht writes “On Thursday, Palm’s Solutions Group’s CEO Todd Bradley announced that 3 new handhelds will be released in October. Within 24 hours, pictures of all three handhelds have leaked out on the web. The first to be released, the sub-$100 Zire, can be seen here. The second handheld, previously known as Oslo, now has the name Tungsten T, and features OS 5 and built in bluetooth (pictured here). The third handheld is the Tungsten W, pictured here, which is a GPRS smartphone (although it does not have a built-in speaker or microphone). Zire will be released October 7th, while both Tungsten models will be released on October 28th.” Could just be rumors or fakes, but it seems reasonable.

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