PlayStation Underground 3.3 Notes

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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For all you Virtual Game Station fans out there, the PlayStation Underground CD Issue 3.3 is out. Some of the more interesting bits from the two disc set include developers commenting on the upcoming PlayStation 2 though they gave away no technical details of the machine, and a demo of Gran Turismo 2. Though the subscription-only CD-magazine direct from Sony is unquestionably marketing hype, it’s well done and lets you demo upcoming games and take a look into how their games are made.

So if you’re wondering about the next generation PlayStation, here’s some tidbits that are on the Underground CD: 8 to 10 times the number of polygons for rendering 3-d worlds, “can animate Toy Story in real time,” “worlds miles and miles long,” and about the Emotion Engine which gives characters facial expressions, “nobody will have to sit down and animate it.”

Back issues of PlayStation Underground are available too. Take a look at their list of back issues.

You’ll need Connectix’s Virtual Game Station, which is up to version 1.2, and preferably a Gravis GamePad Pro. Though you can use the keyboard, PlayStation games are designed to use the PlayStation controller, which the GamePad faithfully emulates. We’ll have reviews of actual PlayStation games running on iMacs and G3s in future NoBeige articles, so grab your gaming chair and get ready to play!

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