Podium CoolPad Keeps the Mercury Down

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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As more readers take delivery of their shiny new Titanium beauties they are beginning to realize that the thin little devils run a little on the hot side. While not quite as hot as my previous Pismo 500 MHz, the PowerBook G4 Titanium can get quite hot – especially if you keep it running 24 hours a day.

Go2Mac.com sponsor, RoadTools has upgraded their popular CoolPad swiveling PowerBook stand for the PowerBook G4 Titanium. The new Podium CoolPad [US$29.95] is wider than its predecessor and ships with extra supports and stackable risers that allow you to adjust the height of the rear of your PowerBook.

It actually works on the same principle as the Cube and the fanless iMac: increasing the air space under your PowerBook will allow better heat dissipation. Your PowerBook heats the surrounding air and this hot air rises and is replaced by cooler air which creates a slow natural convection current.

Since using the Podium CoolPad with my Titanium, the fan barely, if ever, comes on. Previously it would come on for about 5-10 minutes every one to two hours. While unscientific (there isn’t a reliable way to get a temperature reading from the new PowerBook G4) you will feel a difference in temperature when you feel the bottom of your machine. Lurker’s on the Woz Cam have probably seen the Podium CoolPad on Woz’s desk too.

RoadTools is offering a free two week trial of the Podium CoolPad:

It’s pretty straight forward, we’ll verify your card but simply won’t charge your card for at least 3 weeks after we ship so if, for any reason, you decide that Coolpad isn’t right for you, just email us and we’ll arrange to have it picked up. No risk, no questions, we’ll pay all shipping costs both ways, and your credit card will have never been charged. We believe you’ll like the product so we’re making it easy for you to try it.

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