PowerBook 12-Inch w/Free HP Printers at J&R

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Date: Friday, January 31st, 2003, 08:00
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I was at J&R today not realizing that it was their Mini-Macworld Event Day. I talked to PowerBook Design Team representative from Cupertino (hey, don’t leave that battery in, this is New York!). Free T-Shirts, OfficeX raffle and best of all, PB 12″ models in stock with a free HP550 (silvercrab) ink jet printer. Came pretty close to taking one home but managed to exercise restraint. Tomorrow (1/31) is the last day so check it out, and DO give your feedback to those Apple reps, that’s why they’re there. I sure gave them an earful, e.g. TiBook paint, iBook battery, iPhoto capacity, etc. Fun for the truly MacJunkied. They’ve got a few PB 17″ models on display also.

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