PowerBook DVI and Projectors

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Date: Thursday, January 23rd, 2003, 00:00
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I am trying to use an Epson EMP-71 projector to show a Keynote presentation. I had little success projecting the image. After several attempts I managed to get an 800×600 image to display. When I tried to run the Keynote presentation, I got an error saying that I did not have enough VRAM (8 MB minimum to run a slide show) of course this PB has 32 MB VRAM.

I reboot the PB G4 and could not get an image again. The projector worked all day with several Windows based notebooks. (not a good situation!) They simply disconnected and passed the VGA cable to the next presenter. No reboot, no configuring, I spent a lot of time on a slick Keynote presentation and I was ready to show off the superior tools on my Mac. I will be forced to travel with a Wintel notebook if I am unable to show my presentations in various locations.

This is the second time that I could not show a presentation due to the fact that I could not get my PB to work with a projector. I travel frequently and I do not have much opportunity to test before I am required to give a presentation. I must be able to simply connect and start a presentation. Support is difficult on location.

I have no trouble when connecting to a CRT monitor. I only seem to have problems when trying to connect to a projector with the DVI to VGA adaptor. I was using mirroring. The project supports 1024×768. And Epson’s Web site says it works great with OS X.

I am wondering if this is an issue with the DVI to VGA converter or a Powerbook DVI issue. It could be user error, but I cannot find any documentation on proper use.

I posted this in the Apple Powerbook user forum but no one has responded. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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