PowerBook Firmware Update 2.7 (French)

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Yesterday Apple posted the French language version of the PowerBook Firmware Update 2.7 [687 k] that was released in English on 22 September 2000. The update “improves support for FireWire functionality” on models with built-in FireWire ports.

The PowerBook Firmware Update 2.7 improves support for FireWire functionality on your PowerBook. The PowerBook Firmware Update 2.7 will only run on PowerBooks with built-in FireWire ports running Mac OS 9 from a local drive. If you are running Mac OS X on your Powerbook, you must restart in Mac OS 9 to install the PowerBook Firmware Update 2.7. To restart in Mac OS 9, use the Startup Disk pane of the System Preferences.Note: Once the update is downloaded, read the About PowerBook Firmware Update file for important necessary instructions on how to complete the update

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