PowerBook G4 Titanium: Quake III Benchmarks

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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So after watching a lame XFL debut (NFL, I’ll never leave you again), reader Anthony Cardinale sends us his Quake III: Arena benchmarks for his PowerBook G4 Titanium 400MHz/128MB. These benchmarks were taken with version 1.17 (not the latest version, 1.27 wouldn’t run with 128MB) using the demo1 time-demo.

  16-bit color 32-bit color
800×600 29 fps 18.1 fps
1024×768 20.4 fps N/A

1024×768 32-bit Unable to complete this test because Q3 would not switch to that resolution at 32-bit (probably unavailable with only 8MB VRAM).

Anthony, you rock. Anthony also noted that the game is indeed playable on the TiBook. So there’s a pretty good idea of the TiBook’s overall hardware performance.

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