PPP Connect Problems with Mac OS X

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A concerned Go2Mac reader writes:

There seems to be very little coverage amidst the hype of OS X of the PPP connect problems many users are facing. The problem manifests itself in dropping a PPP connection after a few minutes, then failing to disconnect, effectively hanging the dial-up control box, only a reboot resets the connection. In more severe cases it causes a kernel panic and totally crashes Apples shiny new ‘uncrashable’ system.

A quick look at the Apple discussion boards shows the widespread extent of this problem yet Apple remains quiet. Given the importance of Web integration to Mac OS X it seems a sorry state of affairs that the development team could not give use a fault free way of connecting to the net without resorting to Ethernet-based solutions.

Dial up is surely the most used networking feature in OS X, this is inexcusable as is the lack of a prompt fix.

Perhaps some of the Go2Mac readers have some answers?

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