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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Reminder to all PowerPage readers in the immediate Mid-Atlantic vicinity that the next PPUG (Philadelphia PowerBook Users Group) meeting is this Saturday at 11AM in the Manayunk Brewery. Here’s the details:

We plan to have a multi-megabyte folder full of goodies for you. You’ll need a PowerBook with a working PC card slot OR a Zip disk in order to get it though. We put that beast on an MCE Diskeeper (see the review below) so you’ll need to copy it to your hard drive or cough up a Zip. We’ve got icons, movies, apps, software updates, shareware, freeware, and OS 8.6. Bring your PowerBook and we’ll drag and drop!

The festivities will include a report from Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference including all the latest PowerBook news and announcements, The O’Grady Juice Report, a discussion of some membership issues, a demo and discussion of Quicktime 4, and the latest on MacOS 8.6.

Members of the PowerPage crew will be on hand for the meeting for the post-Phantom Menace opening day hoopla. If the Force flows strong within you, come on over to lovely Manayunk to complete the circle of the Force.

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