Preparing AMR Audio for the Sony Ericsson T610

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Date: Saturday, June 7th, 2003, 13:19
Category: Mobile Phone

I’ve been trying to prepare some audio with QuickTime 6.3 to use as a ring tone on my new T610 but without success.

I recently got a T610, around the time that Apple release support for 3GPP which includes AMR, the audio format for the T610. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to get any of the audio files that I’ve prepared on my PB to play on the phone. I’m wondering if anyone out there’s had any success, or would now how I should be doing it. I’m using 3GPP Release 5.1 with a bit rate of 4750bps.
If you have any suggestions, get in touch and I will post a follow-up article -Ed

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