Quark CEO: "Switch to Something Else"

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Date: Wednesday, December 11th, 2002, 00:00
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From MacEdition:

Publishing professionals who attended a Quark-convened ‘executive summary’ in New York last week are still abuzz over the performance of Quark CEO Fred Ebrahimi… [who] told his squirming guests that ?the Macintosh platform is shrinking,? and that ?publishing is dying.? He suggested that anyone dissatisfied with Quark?s Mac commitment should ?switch to something else,? although he insisted that making the move to Adobe?s long-Carbonized InDesign package is ‘committing suicide.’ ‘Everyone was stunned, and most folks left by noon,’ one attendee reported. ‘It was awful,'” reports MacEdition.

Thanks for the advice Mr. Ebrahimi, we switched to InDesign a long time ago. -Ed

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