Reader Mailbag: Apple Phone Paranoia Strikes Deep

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Date: Monday, January 13th, 2003, 01:54
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You might think Macworld keynotes would put, oh, a brief pause to the Apple PDA/phone rumors that have been whirling around since the early 90s. Guess again. Jeff Mao writes us to tell us he was leafing through the January 2003 Popular Science and found an Apple logo on a prototype cellphone of the future. Jeff writes, “turn to page 14 and you’ll find a 2 page spread on “Visions of the Cellphone Future” with photos of designs by a guy named Uli Skrypalle of Designafairs. Apparently he’s working with Siemens doing “concept” phones. One of them caught my eye. Check out the button in the lower right corner of the key pad!” Jeff says he thinks this might at least suggest a Siemens – Apple relationship. My take: maybe Uli is a fan of these rumors, too. But you definitely have a sharp eye, Jeff!

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