Reader Question: Analog Adapter for Apple Pro Speakers?

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Date: Thursday, October 24th, 2002, 09:00
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I recently purchased a 17-inch iMac just before my wife and I moved to a new home. So, as I’m finally setting up a “permanent” workstation it dawns on me… I’ve got a beautiful sounding iStick/iSub speaker system hooked up to my Lombard hub. Although the Apple Pro Speakers sound great on my iMac, the iSticks/iSub sound so much better. I thought, well now I’ve got a pair of Pro speakers that need a home so thought I’d hook them up to the Lombard PowerBook, only to remember the Pro speakers have a different digital connection. These speakers seem more appropriate for my PB setup which leads to my question…is there an analog adapter available anywhere so I might be able to use the Pro speakers on my Lombard PB?

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