Recently published support guide shows how Apple TV can control HomeKit devices

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Date: Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015, 07:24
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Apple has found a new use for the Apple TV: Controlling every HomeKit-based device in your home.

A recently published support page explains how to set up and use HomeKit and how the Apple TV is used as a hub for remotely controlling HomeKit accessories while on the go.

The guide explains how HomeKit will work with any iOS device running iOS 8.1 or later, how to pair an accessory and how to find and enter a seven-digit setup code and enter it into the gear maker’s custom iOS app. Some apps should allow accessories to be grouped together into homes, rooms, or scenes.

From there, a person can use both apps and Siri commands to control individual accessories or assigned groups. Saying “turn off the lights in the living room,” for instance, might be used to shut off several HomeKit-ready lamps at once. Significantly, Siri cannot be used to unlock a door.

Remote access to a HomeKit network requires a third-generation Apple TV with v7.0 firmware. As long both the Apple TV and the iOS device are signed into the same Apple ID, Siri commands will work anywhere with Internet access.

HomeKit support has been present in the Apple TV firmware since v7.0, even though Apple has not publicized it until now.

The guide also addresses tasks such as resetting accessories, troubleshooting, and what to do if an iOS device is lost or stolen.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via AppleInsider and Apple

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