Reception buildings, snack areas begin to surface at Campus 2 construction site

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Date: Friday, April 15th, 2016, 10:46
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Apple has begun building its reception buildings at its new Campus 2 headquarters.

While a fair number of images have surfaced from drone footage of the “ring” building, Apple is currently finishing up two reception buildings; one with glass walls topped by a simple roof and the other, seen above.

The two reception buildings will play a gatekeeper role for visitors; a couple of “outdoor food stations” inside the circular courtyard; and a decidedly modern maintenance shed. A city staff report includes some renderings of the proposed designs, which hadn’t been previously disclosed.

The drawings show a careful relationship to the aesthetic that Foster + Partners developed for the 2.8 million square foot circular building, which is rapidly reaching completion and is expected to be finished late this year or early next. The reception buildings, for instance, are described in Apple’s planning application as “the main pedestrian entrances to the Apple Campus II site.” It goes on: “Their function is representative because they promote the face of the entire Campus.”


So, you’ll be able to sit down at reception and grab a snack via the new structures over at the Campus 2 site.

Which is often considered a good thing.

Via the Silicon Valley Business Journal

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