Report indicates Apple Pay now the fifth most popular payment platform on the Web

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Date: Thursday, November 10th, 2016, 05:55
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If nothing else, Apple Pay is gaining traction.

Just over a month after launching Apple Pay on the web to bring the payments service to website checkouts via its Safari web browser, new data shows Apple has already made it into the top five payment technologies online.

Analystics firm SimilarTech’s platform tracks over 30 billion web pages each month with Apple Pay coming in as the fifth most popular payment platform used by the top 10,000 websites. It maintains the fifth position among the top 100k websites, too.

Apple Pay is now available on 0.25 percent of the top 10,000 sites.

That puts it at almost 10% of leader PayPal which has 2.36% of the top websites (although PayPal’s subscribe button is also #2 and adds an additional 0.98%). And it puts Apple well within reach of #3 Stripe with 0.35% and #4 Braintree with 0.32% of transactions.

This data puts Apple Pay ahead of Google Wallet, Amazon Payments and more than 50 other online payment technologies when it comes to the top 10,000 websites tracked by Apple remains in the fifth position at 0.11% if looking at the top 100k websites as well. But since Apple Pay on the web just launched in September, it’s notably on much fewer websites in total so far compared to the competition.

Apple Pay is currently only available on 1,035 websites in total according to the study. There are currently more than one million web site via PayPal, 38,000+ for Stripe, 13,000+ for Google Wallet and 8500+ for Amazon Payments. While Apple is on far fewer sites in total, its presence on the top 10k websites less than two months after launch shows it could soon overtake competitors and nip into PayPal’s market dominance.

Apple Pay’s presence is expected to rise to some degree once the Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro notebooks begin shipping in the coming weeks. These units will represent the first Macs to include a Touch ID sensor for using Apple Pay on the web without the need for an iPhone or Apple Watch to authenticate payments.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via 9to5Mac

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