Review: Can Combine Icons Helps Icon Designers

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Date: Monday, September 30th, 2002, 09:20
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From Infinity-to-the-Power-of-Infinity a company known for their useful peripheral software brings us Can Combine Icons. A winner of the Apple Design Award “Student Runner Up” at version 2.1.0, as well as one of my favorite pieces of software, Can Combine Icons becomes a necessary addition to an icon addicts application collection of GUI enhancing software. Created by David Remahl, Can Combine Icons now is at version 3.0.4 and is filled with more features each time it is updated.

Do you ever find yourself with an awesome piece of clip art or a really cool icon? Maybe you’d like to combine them to make your own creation or possibly transform a cool icon into a folder. This is where Can Combine icons comes in, allowing a user to merge icons, rotate, scale or add text to them.

A look at the possible features of this program include:

  • Custom folders for your applications or documents.
  • Make your whole system coherent in style, when using a third party icon set.
  • Create thumbnails for your pictures that can be viewed in any Finder view.
  • Spice up your desktop with more colorful icons.
  • Increase your system’s usability by combining visual language with file names and text.

Personally, I love this program. The design is sleek and elegant and is very user friendly, allowing for even the most novice user to start creating their own “masterpieces”. I suggest everyone try out this piece of software.

Can Combine Icons 3.0.4 (direct OS X download)
US$10 (Shareware)

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