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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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After using the Ricochet GS modem by Metricom for about two weeks, I have to admit to being hooked. Ever since the city of Philadelphia went “hot” back in December, I have stopped looking for a job and an apartment in San Francisco. Seriously though, Metricom’s Ricochet 128 kbps service is well worth the price of admission – currently US$99 for the modem and US$74.99 per month for unlimited service.

If US$75 per month sounds a little expensive, remember that you can immediately ditch your dial-up service (saving US$20 per month) and that Ricochet is 3-5x faster than even the best dial-up connection. Did I mention that it works while you are travelling in a car at 70 MPH?


I am currently using the Ricochet GS modem (pictured above) until my Novatel Wireless Merlin Wireless PC Card for Ricochet arrives.


Metricom will soon be offering the Ricochet GT modem, a cost-reduced, swoopy-looking external modem with a metal case that looks suspiciously like magnesium. This is the modem that you may have seen in the TV commercials. Magnesium is a very bad thing to use as shielding in a radio though, so they use aluminum.


If you need a reliable Internet connection for your job or hobby and are blessed with the luck to have Ricochet 128 Kbps service in your area, run, don’t walk to sign up. It’s just that simple. Ricochet rocks because it is fast, easy and it’s wireless – plus it gives you one less reason to move to San Francisco.

For more information on providers in your area check out Metricom’s reseller page. Their coverage locator will help you figure out if you can actually use the service.

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