Rumor: Apple investigating potential iPhone 4 scratching issue

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Date: Friday, October 8th, 2010, 04:37
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Apple is reportedly in “something of a panic” concerning an issue with the state of the glass on its best-selling iPhone 4 handset. Per MacNN, sources internal and external to the company have commented that engineers have discovered an issue related to the rear glass. If dirt or debris gets trapped in a slide-on case covering the phone’s back, this may potentially scratch the device. Whereas it would only ruin the look of an older iPhone, on the iPhone 4, the damage is thought to carry the risk of eventually cracking or outright fracturing the glass.

As a response, the company is said to have blocked sales of most iPhone 4 cases from Apple Stores. Only the online storefront is believed to have reversed the policy, and then just this week. The iPhone team is currently said to be running a lab with a large, dedicated test program, although there is no indication of a solution on the horizon.

The issue may be even more critical for case makers than it is for Apple. While the latter has the reputation of the iPhone at stake, as well as income reaped from accessory licensing, case manufacturers are significantly smaller and can generate much of their revenue from the high foot traffic at Apple outlets. These companies may have have been relegated to selling at third-party stores or from their own websites.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available and if you’ve seen this issue on your end, please let us know.

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One Response to “Rumor: Apple investigating potential iPhone 4 scratching issue”

  1. I am really ticked at Apple.
    I bought a new Iphone 4 over three weeks ago. The apple store had no cases, saying that I could get a case for free in three weeks.
    I am now in my fourth week and already have scratched and dig the phone, something that wouldn’t of happen if I could of bought a case.

    Sorry but in calling Apple they are saying this “free” case is now shipping in four to six weeks. What a ripoff.

    Can someone do a story on this and what a poorly hatched program this is. Sorry if Apple wanted to do something for us they should of offered the “free” case when bought, not weeks later in which are phones getting screwed up.