Rumor: Apple to improve brightness on Apple Watch 2, looking into pink color, new features for next-gen iPhone

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Date: Thursday, July 2nd, 2015, 08:25
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It’s hard to say if a pink next-gen iPhone is your dream phone.

I mean, that’s really up to you.

But it’s among the latest set of rumors that just came from the supply side, so that’s saying something.

Two new reports have it that Apple has decided to source flexible OLED screens for the Apple Watch 2 from both Samsung and LG, prioritizing improved outdoor visibility rather than changing the screen size, shape, or resolution. The company seems worried about boosting the outdoor apparent brightness compared of its sapphire-faced Apple Watch units, especially when compared with the glass-faced Apple Watch Sport. The report also claims Apple is more concerned about thinning components than reducing weight, in order to make room for a larger battery.

The second report states that Apple is working on a pink next-gen iPhone which may include a higher-resolution cameras with Force Touch simultaneous video/photo modes, and a faster Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

Other purported new specs include a front FaceTime camera with a 5MP sensor, a rear camera that will supposedly have a 12MP sensor and again protrude from the back of the iPhone’s chassis, a Force Touch feature on the camera that will allow you to record bursts of still photos during video recording and 2 GB of onboard RAM.

Via 9to5Mac, Naver and PhoneArena

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