Rumor: Comcast developing AnyPlay app, looking to stream Xfinity content to iOS devices

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Date: Monday, September 26th, 2011, 08:08
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Get it to the iPad and they will love it.

Per a leaked screenshot and article over on MacRumors, Comcast, the largest cable provider in the U.S., is said to be working on a new live television streaming service called AnyPlay, which will let iPad users stream live TV to its existing Xfinity TV iOS application.

The upcoming AnyPlay feature could allow Comcast subscribers to watch most channels included in their Xfinity TV service on the iPad, except for On Demand and Pay-Per-View programs.

AnyPlay will be limited to in-home use, as the service requires iPad owners to be in the proximity of a Motorola-made cable box. That hardware will allegedly send the live cable stream to the Xfinity TV iPad.

In addition to the AnyPlay box, users will also require an active Xfinity TV subscription and a high-speed wireless Internet connection to be able to watch live TV on the tablet.

The service will not work over other any other Wi-Fi or 3G network and will be limited to up to 10 registered tablets per home. Only one device can be used at a time to stream live TV programs.

The Xfinity TV iOS application, available in the App Store as a free download (iTunes link) for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, currently lets users access On Demand programs, browse through TV listings and control TVs and DVRs.

AnyPlay streaming would be accessed from inside the app in the future, although Comcast has not specified any details about the launch and availability of the new streaming service.

Competing companies like Cablevision and Time Warner have similar TV streaming applications — Optimum for iPad and TWCable TV, respectively — which are already available in the App Store. Earlier this year, Time Warner pulled major networks including MTV and FX from its application to placate broadcasters.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

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One Response to “Rumor: Comcast developing AnyPlay app, looking to stream Xfinity content to iOS devices”

  1.  I still don’t think they will love it, even though they got it to an iPad, seriously. there is a difference in making a functional app that will get used, and a functional app that serves no real purpose other then to give streaming to customer in a way that will not get used, and then will be forgotten about by the customer, which 95% of industry providers are hoping you do. Watching the industry this year as I have worked at DISH I almost laughed watching all these providers coming up with apps that were all basically the same. They expect you choose to stream most of your channels only in your house, well ok, but why? Its because they know you will see the insanity of watching the same shows on a small screen instead of watching it on that large flat screen television you have. With the uproar for streaming this year from customers they had to do something to give it to them, so they did, I hope you enjoy. These apps just reinforce my decision I made last year to buy a sling adapter for my DISH receiver, it does what they can’t. It streams all my live channels and recorded shows to my iPad, iPhone, or android device no matter where I am as long as I have signal. You see, streaming with a purpose.