Rumor: iPad May Ship Without Standard Apps Such as Stocks, Weather, Clock and Voice Memos

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Date: Tuesday, March 9th, 2010, 05:38
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Apple’s recent announcement regarding the iPad’s April 3rd ship date suggests that Apple might not ship the device with the full set of apps that arrive standard on the iPhone. Per Wired, the company may omit several applications such as Stocks, Calculator, Clock, Weather and Voice Memos.

While Apple had pushed several iPad-optimized versions of the apps through internal testing developers reportedlyhad problems scaling up the iPhone-size interfaces without making sacrifices to the overall look and feel of the apps. Sources close to the story claim Steve Jobs was behind the decision to drop the utilities for the initial iPad launch.

Earlier reports suggested that Apple pulled the apps because they would be converted to widgets. The sources claimed iPhone OS 3.2 will also lack the rumored widgets.

It is still unclear if Apple plans to bring the apps or widgets with a firmware update, such as OS 4.0, sometime later in the year.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available and if you’ve heard anything from your end, please let us know.

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8 Responses to “Rumor: iPad May Ship Without Standard Apps Such as Stocks, Weather, Clock and Voice Memos”

  1. Looks like a deal breaker for me. I was planning on taking the iPad on business trips to read and then keep it by the bed as an alarm clock. Usually the first thing I do in the morning is check the weather where I am for the day and then see if any new stock news is released before the market opens and I head out for a day of meetings. That way I could leave my iPhone on the dresser by the TV to charge over night so it will be fully ready for the next day's business.

  2. Well, as soon as you all will get your new ipad you should check the iPad's First Start page. U.S.A –
    Canada –
    U.K –
    You can use it on your regular PC Browser for now.

  3. So you can't simply charge your iPhone on the nightstand and use *that* as the alarm clock, as one would do right now (pre-iPad)? If the only reason you were planning to buy an iPad was as an alarm clock and stock-checker, it sounds like you don't really need one.

  4. That's how I already use my iPhone but receiving Anon's response at 6 this morning on my iPhone and then trying to respond was totally un-doable. It was not possible because quite a few Apple centric sites force you into a mobile browser and so of the sites features like responding to a comment will not work in the mobile context, even when going to Full Site Mode Disqus doesn't allow you to log in to comment. I like to get up early and read late breaking news before starting my day on the road and after 3 yrs reading 8pt type it's getting a little stale. I read books and news before bed and then do Bible Study and e-mail responses again when I get up it would be nice to have a book sized device on the night stand and let my iPhone take a break for the night after three years of heavy use. Then I could pick up my freshened iPhone and Bluetooth headset fully charged and head out for the day leaving the iPad to recharge for the next evenings use.

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  6. Your posts inspire me being the greatest I could be. many thanks for your useful details. I will definately be implementing this quickly.

  7. Hmm, got mine and I’m actually very happy about it.. can’t wait for their version 2 😛

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