Rumor: New iPads, including “iPad Pro”, to debut at September 9th media event

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Date: Thursday, September 3rd, 2015, 05:42
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Apple might be debuting its long-awaited next-gen “iPad Pro” come the media event on September 9th.

The rumor mill currently has it that besides a pair of new iPhones, the substantially revamped Apple TV set top box, and new bands for the Apple Watch, Apple is currently planning to debut a a refreshed version of the iPad mini and the iPad Pro at the event.

The iPad Pro is currently scheduled to go on sale in November, following a pre-order campaign that will launch toward the end of October. Rumors which indicated that the tablet could be announced in October and still hit a November ship date, although recent announcements of Apple iOS enterprise collaborations with Cisco and IBM, sufficient component availability to meet anticipated year-end demand appears to be the only question mark at this point.

The iPad mini 4 itself, which could be introduced next week, could hit the shelves later this year, albeit a third-gen iPad Air isn’t expected until 2016. New Macs are also unlikely to appear next week.

The iPad mini 4 will be a thinner version of the current iPad mini, including a faster A-series chip with support for split-screen apps first introduced in iOS 9. It will likely also include a pair of upgraded cameras. As for the iPad Pro, codenamed “J98/J99” internally, the larger-sized tablet will be geared toward power users and run iOS 9.1, support a Force Touch-based stylus, and include speakers on two sides for a more pronounced stereo effect. The new iOS 9.1 operating system is said to bring additional tweaks to the iPad Pro, including optimized versions of the Siri and Notification Center interfaces.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via 9to5Mac

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  1. @JasonOGrady its always strange how detailed the “rumors” are before the official announcement of any Apple product & its rarely inaccurate.

  2. Rumor: New iPads, including “iPad Pro”, to debut at September 9th media event: