Samsung i500 (Awesome Palm Phone)

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Date: Friday, May 30th, 2003, 23:38
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The new Samsung i500 Palm flip-fhone is a wonder toy for any Palm guru. Read more . . .

The future is bright and the Samsung i500 is awesome. I have had the joy of using one (pre-release) model for a few weeks now and is by far the best phone I have ever had, and Palm as well. It’s speedy, it’s fast, and kicks butt, taking graffiti too. I have never been a fan of the large Palm/Phones available on the market, but this flip-top phone just is wonderful. You can see it even in direct sunlight, lots of ram, super fast, and a color screen that will make you blush.
As for Mac compatibility, the dock/cradle unit does not allow sync’n your Palm w/ the Mac, but you can use it to get on the Internet and surf using the wireless connection. I recently tested a cable used for testing purposes and have got it to Sync, but it has not been w/o any errors. But, it is good the Mac does see it. Expected release date? Can’t say. It will be worth every penny, and many pennies it will take to get one. Start saving!

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