Sascom International Power Adapter Upgraded

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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It was June 1999 when Richard Perlman discovered a weird looking gizmo at the “Hamburger PC Shop” in Akihabara, Japan. Go2Mac Worldwide Gadget Correspondent Ole J. Jacobsen and Perlman initially dismissed it as not that interesting, but when they finally figured out all that it can do they were truly hooked.

 WIDTH= and Michael Madson were each given samples at Macworld 2000 in San Francisco and we covered the item in a Go2Mac story (“Traveler’s Friend“) on 24 January 2000. By March, Ole had raised enough interest for the Sascom adapter in the international geek community (also known as the IETF) to go big time. He arranged to have 50 of them shipped to the IETF meeting in Adelaide and sold every single one in 48 hours.

Now, you can buy an improved version of the Sascom award-winning device from Madsonline for US$28.

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