SETI@home Server Outages Continue

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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In the last two weeks, UC-Berkeley has had a number of outages as different problems plague the vast distributed computing project. Early last week, two of three RAID cards in the science database server failed. Late last week, the power to the campus building that houses the project’s servers became unstable. The power problem was traced to a fault in a distribution panel. The fault was repaired during one of this week’s three outages.

The SETI@home team at Berkeley continues to try to eliminate bugs that have crept into the user databases. These databases track what work units have been sent to and completed by each user. In turn, this data is used to create individual user and team statistics pages. The stats pages have been available only intermittently since about June 7. The Berkeley team hopes that they will be able to squash the last of these bugs in the user databases shortly.

You can get more news and information at the Unofficial Team SETI@home Site.

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