Several Original iPhone Owners Report Difficulty Maintaining Wireless Connections Under iPhone OS 3.0

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Date: Monday, June 29th, 2009, 05:37
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As nifty as iPhone OS 3.0 may be, a number of original iPhone owner have reported that their handsets are having difficulty remaining connected to wireless networks.

According to MacFixIt, complaints similar to the following description have been left over on the site’s discussion board:

MacFixIt reader Mark M. reports:
“I’ve been having persistent problems getting my iPhone to remember Wi-Fi networks after the upgrade to 3.0. I’ve been following the Apple User Group discussions (iphone, network) and have followed the suggestions there (restore the phone; forget network settings) to no avail. I have a 1st gen iPhone and currently I have to go to settings, general, reset, reset network settings several times a day to maintain a Wi-Fi connection to my home airport. From the User Group discussions it appears this is a fairly common problem.”

The issue currently appears to be bigger than single cases and has also been reported with many iPhones running iPhone OS 2.2.1 as well as units with the iPhone OS 3.0 update installed.

Over on the Apple Discussions Board, user “GoHawks” reported the following:

“A lot of us, myself included, are all of a sudden having this issue. Mine started a few weeks ago as well, when I was running 2.2.1, and continued on into 3.0. Every once in a while it will work, but it’s a rare occurrence. Unfortunately all the tips and tricks don’t appear to work for me either, things I’ve tried include:
1. Reset Network settings
2. Reset All Settings
3. Restore (done about 12 of them over the last couple of weeks)
4. Deleting various apps to see if that makes a difference
5. Reboots
6. Airplane Mode on/off
7. Toggle WiFi
8. Turn of Bluetooth
9. Resetting the phone by holding the top button and home until it reboots
I’ve done all of this many times and every once in a while one of them will seem to work, but within an hour I’ve lost it again. Even when I have it I’m constantly having to put in my password information for the networks I connect to with encryption.”

Currently there does not appear to be a permanent fix for this issue. Most users report that a combination of any of the above attempts for a solution will temporarily provide relief and decent wireless performance.

Stay tuned for additional information as it becomes available and if you’ve seen this on your end, please let us know in the new, revamped and nifty comments section!

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5 Responses to “Several Original iPhone Owners Report Difficulty Maintaining Wireless Connections Under iPhone OS 3.0”

  1. I'm having the same problem with iPod Touch running 3.0. Can't hold any network for a long time. Big Pain.

  2. I had that issue.. Simply tell it to “Forget This Network” then reconnect.. Works like a charm for me..

  3. My 2G iPhone was fine until this Saturday. Now it will occassionally recognize and connect to a network. It won't maintain the connection for more than about 10 seconds.

    Tried restoring, rebooting, etc. Nothing fixed the issue.

  4. I'm having the same problem on my Touch (2nd gen). Before I upgraded to 3.0 I maintained a steady wifi connection in my home, but now it's almost unusable. I talked to an Apple Tech on the phone on Sunday, he said they are getting many complaints about this issue, and he expects an update to handle it. He had no idea of a time frame when this might happen. Everyone should just keep complaining to Apple.

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