Slashdot Editors Consider Switching to PowerBooks, OS X

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Date: Thursday, September 26th, 2002, 11:50
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In an astonishing revelation today, Hemos admits that he and CmdrTaco are considering switching to PowerBook G4s running Mac OS X. Note to Apple’s marketing folks: run, don’t walk, to Slashdot and give them both maxed-out TiBooks to play with, or at least a great discount. The advantages to equipping Slashdot editors with PowerBooks and OS X should be obvious.

Now wouldn’t that make hell of a switch commercial?

An Archive reader wrote to us with an article on Byte from Moshe Bar about flirting with using OS X. Taco and I are both strongly considering beginning to use OSX as a primary laptops – anyone else looking at doing this? And anyone from Apple that can get me a good price on super TiBooks? *grin*

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