Some users complain of reduced battery life, new Wi-Fi issues after iOS 6.0.2 update

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Date: Friday, December 21st, 2012, 08:51
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Sometimes a bug fix works perfectly for everyone.

Other times it doesn’t, or opens up a whole new can of worms.

Per the Apple support forums and Ars Technica, Apple’s newly released iOS 6.0.2 update for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini may have resolved some Wi-Fi issues, but some users say it seems to have also reduced their battery life.

A number of users have expressed they have noticed poorer battery life on their iPhone after upgrading to iOS 6.0.2. Specifically, one user said they noticed their battery draining “substantially faster.”

In addition, a small number of users have created a thread at Apple’s official support forums to share their own evidence of battery problems with iOS 6.0.2.

“It is absolutely draining my battery,” user ‘atdguy’ wrote. “I can usually get through a day with about 75% of my battery power remaining. Today I’ve gone through 90% and I’ve done nothing special with it.”

Others posting at Apple’s site said that the release of iOS 6.0.2 actually introduced Wi-Fi connectivity issues for them. The software update, released on Tuesday, was intended to address previous Wi-Fi bugs for the iPhone and iPad mini.

All of the users who commented or e-mailed say they are experiencing the battery drain issues with their iPhone 5. There was no mention of iOS 6.0.2 battery problems with the iPad mini.

If you’ve seen these issues on your own devices after the iOS 6.0.2 update, please let us know in the comments.

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4 Responses to “Some users complain of reduced battery life, new Wi-Fi issues after iOS 6.0.2 update”

  1. I updated my Iphone 5 last night with iOS 6.0.2. I left it on charge overnight and this morning at 7am I had 100% battery showing by 8am it was down to 78% and by 9am it was 55% without using the phone at all other than to check battery levels. by 11am it was completely depleted! Note to all I have not used WIFI and have not got any apps running in the background. this is completely unacceptable and apple need to resolve ASAP.

  2. It definitely drains much faster, down to below 50% today after 3 hours use!

  3. Substantial draining. Very disappointing.

  4. i think it great. i update to 6.0.2 and very bad